Intensive day-long bioenergy treatments

Cancer Touch by Ellen Lewinberg Healing Transformation Toronto CanadaWhat is intensive day-long Bioenergy treatment?

Intensive day-long Bioenergy treatment is a comprehensive program in which we address all aspects of the self – body, mind and spirit. We use this method for cancer (including metastatic cancer),  and combine bioenergy therapy with a vibrational hands-on technique that supplies information to the body to allow it to heal itself. This system helps clients to shift into a positive frame of mind. We also offer advice on exercise, diet, and other alternative treatments.

Bill Henderson, a researcher who has written Cure Your Cancer, in an interview with Ty Bollinger said,

  …you cannot cure cancer … Cancer is us. Everyday we have cancer cells in our bodies, all of us that have no cancer diagnosis … what you want to help people do is get cancer under control …It has gotten out of control in your body, temporarily.

The immune system has been temporarily overwhelmed and needs help to get back in control. Bioenergy can give the body a boost to get back in control.

What is the intensive day-long Bioenergy treatment process?

Using ‘hands on’ techniques, Ellen acts as conduit to direct Bioenergy to the part of your body that needs to heal itself, stimulating the immune system to enhance the healing process. Bioenergy treatments are safe and non-invasive. As with Bioenergy therapy, clients can experience various degrees of warmth or coolness, relaxation or pressure. Intensive day-long Bioenergy treatments are ordinarily done in Toronto by Ellen and her staff but they can also be done at a location near to the client, if that is more appropriate. The day starts at 9:00AM and generally ends around 5:00PM. If you would like information about the process, please contact Ellen. After the intensive treatment, clients are encouraged to continue receiving Bioenergy treatments through the monthly clinic as their healing process continues.

How much does an intensive day-long Bioenergy treatment cost?

  • In Toronto:  The treatment is done at Ellen Lewinberg’s office and costs CAD $3,000 for the day + 13% HST (lunch is included). If paying via PayPal, a 3% charge will apply.
  • Outside Toronto:  Treatment is done in a hotel. The cost is CAD $4,000 for the day + 13% HST, plus Ellen’s transportation and accommodation for 2-3 nights. If paying via PayPal, a 3% charge will apply.

The cost includes telephone/email support both before and after treatment, and ideas for helping you take control of your healing process. A deposit of 60% of the total cost is required when booking an appointment, with the remainder due on the day of the appointment.

In the event of a cancellation, you will be fully refunded minus expenses.

Next step?

To get more information on Intensive Day-Long Bioenergy or to make an appointment, please call Ellen or leave a message via our contact form and Ellen will be in touch with you shortly.



Results — what our clients are saying

A.A’s success story

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2002, had chemotherapy, relapsed in 2004, had a bone marrow transplant, relapsed in 2009, received radiation, and received chemotherapy treatment again in 2014. During the chemotherapy, I was hospitalized with internal bleeding. I completed chemotherapy in July 2014, and the CT scan showed disease around different areas of the body, predominantly behind the stomach.

I met Ellen in 2014, and started attending her monthly Bio-Energy clinics. In June, I went to Ellen for Cancer Touch. Cancer Touch is a one-on-one bioenergy treatment intended to help with metastatic cancer. This is something that I recommend, if you are diagnosed with cancer. It is a treatment that continues to show improvements for up to a year after the treatment and often results in remission.

The CT scans after chemo treatment was completed, continue to show improvement. I had a scan in February 2015 and once again, the scan looks better. The doctors are happy with the results, as you can imagine. It is great to not be on medical treatment and see better scans.

The monthly clinic, as well as the Cancer Touch program, have been an incredible gift and I truly feel the treatments have played a large role in the healing that I have experienced. Thank you Ellen! I highly recommend Bioenergy healing for anyone who is experiencing any kind of challenge with their health.

I have noticed that after treatment, I feel calm, energized and I sleep better too!

To add on to this, I recently had a four-day bioenergy treatment in April 2015. On one of the days of the treatment, I woke up in the morning with shingles. The shingles did not spread beyond a small area on my back, and my immune system fought it off on its own, so I did not have to receive treatment for it! My GP took a look at it and confirmed that it was shingles, and mentioned to me that I was very lucky that it did not spread, as shingles can be debilitating. I truly believe the energy work assisted my body in putting a stop to the spread and pain of shingles. Thank you again Ellen. ~ A.A.

F.A.S’ success story

I was diagnosed as having an aggressive form of prostate cancer in 2009 and thereafter had radical prostatectomy, radiation and hormonal therapy. All these treatments did not stop my cancer from metastasizing to my spine and right pelvic bone. Having progressed to a stage 4 cancer, I was then placed under a modern drug protocol which is not a cure but only a life extension for a couple of years before I go into chemo. But I decided to look into alternative treatment and came across Ellen’s website on energy healing. After an intensive day-long treatment and a year of treatment in her clinics, my latest bone scan showed that my metastatic cancer is gone and my PSA is down to zero. Thank you Ellen for giving me a new lease on life! ~ F.A.S.