Reminder upcoming bioenergy clinics – December 2018 Evening clinic

The next Healing Transformation bioenergy clinic will be held December 10, 11, 12 and 13th from 7.00 – 9.00 pm. Please note we are starting on a Monday evening this month. If you decide to attend, you must participate in all four sessions. Space is limited due to the size of the venue, so register early to reserve your place. The cost is $250 + HST = $282.50 for the four days. To register, please call one of our bioenergy therapists Ellen (416 203 2744) or Tanya (416 697 7221). 

Click here to view schedule of Healing Transformation Bioenergy clinics for 2018.

Bioenergy Success Story

Received from Jeff K. – In April of 2016 I was diagnosed with reduced kidney function. I was told it was a side effect of a medication I was taking.  I was seen by a Nephrologist who told me that my kidney function was 40%.  I asked him if there was anything I could do to improve it. He said no, your kidney function is what it is.  I was told to greatly reduce my protein intake and not do any exercise other than very light stretching.   I came to Ellen’s clinic starting March 2018 to see what she might be able to do.  In late August I had blood test done. The test showed my kidney function was 55%. I then found out that, without my knowledge, I had been tested in April of 2018 and that my kidney function was 50%.  That was when I started attending Ellen’s clinics.  So much for there is nothing to do.  I have been able to return to normal exercise and life.