One On One Healing

The Bioenergy treatment will take 20-60 minutes depending on the issues that Ellen is treating. During this time, she will go through a number of routines that are designed to balance out the energy in your body. During treatments, many clients can experience degrees of warmth or coolness, relaxation, electricity, pressure, magnetism or a gentle breeze. Others may feel a slight tingle in their hands.

One-on-one healing is done for four days in a row and is usually repeated in additional four-day sessions. Changes in the way you feel will often happen in the first treatment session and incremental changes should occur in subsequent sessions. Some people will find that their issues are resolved in one four-day session. Most will need additional sessions and severe issues, such as cancer, may take quite a few sessions to see results.

At the end of each session, Ellen will discuss how you are feeling, do some additional treatment if it seems appropriate, and confirm with you when your next appointment will be.

One-on one treatments are done in our office near Front Street and Jarvis Street, in downtown Toronto. The cost of a one-on-one treatment is C$400.00 plus 13% tax. This covers all four days of treatment. Payment can be made through Interac etransfer (Canada only), by cheque, by cash or through PayPal. If paying via PayPal, a 3% surcharge will apply.

AT wrote about her granddaughter – “Our perfectly healthy and extremely active, energetic and athletic (almost) two-year old granddaughter has developed arthritis shortly following the flu shot and varicella vaccine given to her on the same day, at the end of October.” Ellen treated the granddaughter’s left knee and one of her toes, for three four-day sessions over a period of several months, and AT wrote in two emails about a month apart:

"In short, she is doing very well. Following the session with you, she regained her energy, and her energy level is certainly up, comparable to her running around before her vaccination. Her appetite is back as well, and she started gaining some weight, after months of not gaining a gram. Her left knee is also much better and is getting comparable range of motion as the right knee."

"Today, we learned that both of her blood work results for inflammatory markers were completely normal. This certainly made us very happy. We sincerely thank you for your help with this!"


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