Natural Healing for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Discover Bioenergy Therapy –
the natural way to heal yourself.

We can help you create a healthier you in body, mind, and spirit through bioenergy therapy.

Everyone of our bodies are made up of energy cells that vibrate constantly. When these energy vibrations become low or blocked, our immune systems become weak and may stop working. This imbalance in our energy flow can make life hard and cause us to be ill.

Bioenergy therapy offers energy from the world around us to the body, so your body can heal itself — naturally.

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Join us for our next 3-day Bioenergy Workshop

Re-engage the natural healer inside of you
March 27, 28, and 29, 2020
Toronto, Canada

Learn how to use a person’s bioelectric energy systems to help them heal their body, mind, and spirit naturally. Join me for this 3-day workshop as I help you gain back your natural state as a healer.

If you want to attend, contact me at 416-203-2744 to reserve your space. Please know that you must participate in all three sessions in order to receive the full benefits of this healing process. For more information, you can also give me a call.


P.S. Group Meetings for Post Workshop Training, are held every third Saturday of the month for graduates of our workshops. It’s a good place where we share ideas, ask questions, and find answers. Cost is $25 Canadian per meeting. Contact me for more information.

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