Bioenergy Therapy – a natural healing alternative that works!

Did you know that fear, doubt, emotions, hopelessness, negative thinking and trauma impact your immune system and can lead to illness?

Ancient wisdom teaches us that our minds exist in every part of our bodies, in every single cell. Bioenergy work is an alternative therapy that addresses all aspects of a person – body, mind and spirit. Everything is energy – you, me, plants, rocks and water. Everything vibrates at a different rate.

The theory behind bioenergy therapy is that there is no negative energy or vibration. There is either too much or too little energy – dis-ease indicates imbalance. Bioenergy therapy rebalances the body, mind and spirit. Energy therapy or bioenergy therapy, is the offering of energy from the world around us to the body so that the body can heal itself. All dis-eases, from cancer to diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, concussion, arthritis, mental disorders indicate an imbalance in the body and bioenergy addresses this imbalance.

We have had great success working with anxiety, headaches, concussion, arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, scoliosis and even metastatic cancer. We view cancer as a problem of the body, mind and spirit and offer a comprehensive program which includes hands on bioenergy healing, techniques to shift you into a positive frame of mind and alternative ways to help your body enhance healing and to regain balance.


Ellen Lewinberg, Bioenergy Therapist and Instructor

Ellen Lewinberg

Ellen Lewinberg, Bioenergy Therapist and Instructor at Healing Transformation in Toronto, Canada, is trained and certified in a number of Bioenergy modalities including: Reiki, The Bengston Method, BEAM (Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method), The Domancic Method of Bio Energy Healing (level 3), and Shaking Medicine.

Healing Transformation workshops

Come learn this unique hands-on Bioelectric Healing technique (also known as Bioenergy healing) from Ellen Lewinberg. Click here for more info. If you are interested in learning the Healing Transformation Bioenergy method, you may wish to attend one of Ellen’s future two-day workshops or invite Ellen to conduct a workshop in your own location. Please register your interest and Ellen will contact you.

At Healing Transformation, Bioenergy therapists offer:


Cancer Touch Therapy by Ellen Lewinberg Healing Transformation Toronto Canada

Intensive Day-Long Bioenergy Treatments

Ellen and her team provide one-on-one intensive Bioenergy therapy for recovery from any type of cancer, including metastatic cancer. Intensive treatments last a full days and our therapists can travel to your location.




Bioenergy Therapy

Therapists provide bioenergy therapy to individuals on a one-on-one basis. This can be done individually, in a group setting or using distance therapy via Skype or phone. We also offer bioenergy to those in palliative care to help provide them comfort.


Bio Energy Therapy Clinics by Ellen Lewinberg Healing Transformation Toronto Canada

Monthly Bioenergy
Therapy Clinics

Ellen Lewinberg holds one or two Bioenergy Therapy clinics every month in Toronto, Canada. The techniques used are the same as for one-on-one bioenergy therapy, but amazing results can be achieved through the increased energy in the clinic.


Bio Energy Therapy Workshops by Ellen Lewinberg Healing Transformation Toronto Canada

Healing Transformation Bioenergy Workshops

Ellen Lewinberg teaches Healing Transformation to small groups across Canada, as well as internationally. If you are interested in learning Bioenergy healing for your own benefit or to start a career as a bioenergy therapist, please complete our contact form.