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We had a wonderful email from a former client and student which I want to share with you. ML came to see us in 2009. She suffered from left ventricle cardiomyopathy. She was in a health crisis. Her doctor  told her she was a "walking heart attack" and had forbidden her to travel even to her cottage. She was not to play golf or pick up her grandchildren.

She began bioenergy therapy and started to have more and more energy. Eventually she started exercising and gradually resumed her normal life. She and her husband decided to do the Healing Transformation workshop to become healers.  They have been treating each other since. Here is what she wrote:

Good news at cardiologist this week … I think a miracle. My ejection factor has gone up every year … 31 upwards to last year 43 … this year went to 47. He was so pleased and said my heart is healing! Quite astounded. I also added a spiritual component to my healing … Wanted you to know. We do my protocol every few weeks.P.S. What is ‘ejection fraction’ and its link to heart failure? Left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is the measurement of how much blood is being pumped out of the left ventricle of the heart (the main pumping chamber) with each contraction.

ML May 24, 2016

Healing hands with people

Thank you for sharing your experience [at Healing Transformation Healer Workshop]. Also, for modeling your flexibility in applying the techniques.

BK July 9, 2017

Healing hands with people

Surpassed my expectations – very beneficial.

LV October 27, 2017

Healing Hand

I came to see Ellen with a torn knee ligament. This was my second injury (to the same knee) within the year. The first time my ligament tore, I was on crutches for 10 days, but that was before I knew Ellen.
Immediately after the second injury occurred, I wrapped the magic cotton (infused with healing energy by Ellen) around knee and to my surprise, the pain subsided within an hour. The swelling was not nearly as bad as the first time around. I was able to walk without the crutches after 2 days!
After the first hands on treatment by Ellen, I was able to walk without limping and by the end of the four day treatments I could bend my leg to almost the same extent as before the injury.

Karen April 19, 2018

Healing hands with people

Enjoyed how you formatted the seminar, the presentation, practice sessions, review of the written information was great. I look forward to meeting up again.

NR May 9, 2018

Healing Hand

I first visited Ellen the week before my last round of chemo. I was low on my blood counts and had been delayed a week – my therapist recommended Ellen to help boost those counts.

What I didn’t bargain for is how much Ellen’s approach would also boost my spirit.

Three-plus cancer-free years later, I continue to visit Ellen monthly to maintain my physical and mental well being.  Along the way, she completely healed my “clicking” shoulder from a 20 year old nagging injury and resolved other maladies such as eye floaties/dryness.

Importantly, I am healthier than I have ever been and able to approach my visits to the oncologist with confidence because of Ellen’s work.  Ellen has enriched my life in ways far beyond physical healing and has taught me about the critical connection between mind and body.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ellen!

JK June 9, 2019

Healing Hand

This testimonial is from Lisa who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She wrote a card in which she wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, etc. Then she added...

Thank you for all your help, advice, suggestions, and knowledge. You have been so amazing Ellen, you’ve really helped navigate the madness of a diagnosis. Words cannot express my gratitude. With love, Lisa

Lisa February 3, 2020

Healing Hand

I received this email from a client recently. She wrote...

Hello Ellen ... how are you? I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I feel completely healed or almost back to normal!! The heartburn is totally gone...!! Sometimes I may experience acid reflux every couple of weeks! But it’s a far cry from how I was feeling in June/July!!  Plus no meds which is the great news!!! I feel like myself again!!! Thank you so much!!

I also was speaking to a few people who I thought might need your amazing services and I gave your name and number to two people!! Hopefully they will call!

Have a wonderful long weekend!!


EG September 4, 2020

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I can’t express enough words for my sincere gratitude and appreciation for our individual energy healing sessions, and for the group healing sessions you invited me to. You are truly remarkable, and a very special and kind person who is totally committed in making sure your clients leave your care healed, healthy and happy.
I have been feeling better than ever in a long time and continue to take your advice and words of wisdom on my healing journey mentally, emotionally and physically.
Thank you for your daughter as well who contributes to the amazing and powerful group healing sessions.

Evghenia March 15, 2022

Butterfly Logo

I met Ellen in 2018 at a conference in D.C. We shared mutual interests and later she asked me to help her with her projects. I agreed and I've been working with her ever since. Three years later, I am now a client. The doctors diagnosed me with stage 4 uterine cancer in January 2021. I'm receiving treatments at MD Anderson while Ellen has kept my overall wellbeing in alignment.

Ellen has been a wealth of information and guidance along this journey -- recommending books, practices, and resources to navigate a holistic approach to optimal health. After I missed a couple weeks of bioenergy treatments; our next session was like night and day. My whole being got out of the chemo fog and transitioned back into confidence in myself.  I highly recommend Ellen to help you through whatever ails you. | May 2021


UPDATE July 3rd, 2022

On July 7th it will be one year since my last chemo treatment. I recently had a CT scan that stated I was "grossly unremarkable" with no evidence of the disease. My doctor also told me that it is rare for someone like me to have lab work and scans as good as they are this soon. I believe my bioenergy healing treatments with Ellen are one reason for my optimum health. Every day is a miracle.

~Jan Bush

Jan Bush July 3, 2022

Healing hands with people

This workshop exceeded my expectations.

I appreciated how much we learned in only one weekend and how well-equipped we left this workshop, ready to embark on our journey with Ellen’s generous support.

Ellen’s wise, modest, and grounded style was inspiring. Her conviction is very palpable and very helpful.

Simply wonderful!

-- Healer Workshop November 2022

S.D. November 6, 2022

Healing hands with people

It (The Workshop) was a tremendous amount of learning and unlearning. This weekend will help fill out my understanding of energy healing.

I look forward to continued learnings with you!

Your guidance and sharing of wisdom is much appreciated.

--Healer Workshop November 2022

M.P. November 6, 2022

Healing hands with people

The material was made in a format that was easy to understand. The handouts are exceptional.

-- Healer Workshop November 2022


M.K. November 6, 2022

Healing hands with people

Thank you, Ellen, for an invaluable workshop! Everything was well organized and prepared.

-- Bioenergy Healer Workshop November 2022


R.I. November 6, 2022

Healing hands with people

I would say this workshop was truly excellent.

-- Bioenergy Healer Workshop November 2022



S.L. November 6, 2022

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