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Teaching others how to use bioenergy to heal themselves and others has become my passion over the past decade, and it continues to grow. My workshop format works for my students.

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Becoming a Bioenergy Healer: What students say.

The workshop I taught in June went very well. The students seemed to grasp the lessons and practices easily and gave us positive reviews.

“Welcoming, clear, well-structured. I liked that we had so many opportunities to practice. The small group size was perfect. Thanks for the handouts. Very helpful. Thank You!”

“The workshop was amazing. I felt really empowered to heal myself from a recent stroke, and my brother and family of various ailments. The workshop was easy to understand and had just the right amount of practice and lecture. Thank you, Ellen!”

One of my workshop students who has been practicing bioenergy healing for a while, sent this note to me from one of her clients:

“Thanks, S_____,  had my last nurse visit today, and she said,
‘I don’t know how you got through this much treatment with as little side effects as you have had. Most people have rather extreme burns and internal pain. Do you have Tylenol for the trip home?’
I said, ‘I don’t have any pain;
I am sure the energy healing really helped. Again, thanks so much, S____.”

Join Us.

Join us to become a bioenergy healer. We hold two workshops a year. The Fall Healer Workshop will be held on October 19 and 20, 2024. The class is from 9 am to 4:30 pm on both days.

This workshop will be in person in Toronto, Canada. The cost is CAD $375 per person plus HST ($375 + HST = $423.25). Find more information on our Healing Workshop page.

Please share this newsletter if you think others might be interested in helping themselves and others to heal naturally. The more bioenergy healers on the earth, the happier the world will be.

Meanwhile, stay healthy.


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