Flattening the Curve

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Keeping safe during challenging times

Dear Readers,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy. On Saturday our Canadian Health Minister asked us to “self-isolate and practice social distancing” to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. I am staying at home to help “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus spread and only going out when staying home is not an option. I have gone out for groceries.

COVID19 Curve

The Mayo Clinic has an excellent podcast on “flattening the curve” that I highly recommend. It’s a good explanation. We all need to do our part. Check out this 7-minute audio: Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: The importance of isolation to flatten the curve on COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Social Distancing Bioenergy Treatments.

I know that no business or organization is immune to this pandemic, including us at Healing Transformation.

To keep our clients safe, we moved our bioenergy clinics online using Skype for now. It worked out well these past two weeks of our March treatment clinic groups.

We’ve been treating people long distance for over a decade via Skype, Face Time, What’s App, and the telephone, so the transition was smooth. You can find out more about our long-distance healing treatments on our Distance Healing page. This does open up our monthly clinics to our clients around the globe. Call me if interested.

Keeping your immune systems strong will be critical for your health these next few months.

If all goes well, I will be holding some free online treatments to help people from all over the world. I will keep you posted.

Becoming a Bioenergy Healer Workshop Postponed

We plan to set another date for our healer workshop once this crisis has passed.

Our former graduates can continue their education with our monthly meetings which have also moved on-line for the present. Be sure to contact me if you’re interested.

+1 416 203 2744


Think before you Share

WHO Garlic COVID19

In addition to staying at home and social distancing ourselves, another way that can help “flatten the curve” is by sharing only items from reputable coronavirus sources.

The recommended COVID-19 health sources include:

World Health Organization


Health Canada


U.S. Center for Disease Control



Follow our health experts’ advice

WHO people

Be safe and keep others safe by putting the safeguards in place our health officials have requested of us. We can do it.

Take care of yourselves. Contact me if you need us.

Best of health,



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