Heart Intelligence: A book review

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Heart Intelligence

Connecting with the intuitive guidance of the heart

By Doc Childre, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman, and Rollin McCraty
Waterfront Press (February 14, 2016)

What an uplifting and optimistic book!

I found Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the intuitive guidance of the heart a joy to read. Throughout this book the authors — Doc Childre, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman, and Rollin McCraty – walk us through today’s cutting-edge research to show us just how powerful our hearts can be. This book helps you understand the science behind the age-old wisdom to “follow your heart.”

Book cover of Heart Intelligence

The science is mind blowing

The authors describe the love, magic, and intuitive guidance that we receive from our hearts — constantly. These authors want us to listen to our hearts more. They explain how our hearts create a heart/brain interaction through energy. In fact, in the research cited, the heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body – approximately 100 times stronger than our brains. In other words, our hearts send more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

The authors use random number generating machines to help us understand just how connected we are to other people and everything on earth. They also offer profound insights and guidance for us to better access the intuitive intelligence of our hearts. This can help us through our life’s journey feeling better about ourselves and the world around us.

Heart Math Institute

Doc Childre founded Heart Math Institute in 1991. Heart Math’s mission is “to help people bring their physical, mental, and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance.” This book supports that mission. It also gives us a wonderful, scientific basis for listening to our hearts. Their systems and recommendations for connecting with our inner guidance can help us navigate through these changing times. I am adapting some into my life and practice.

The Heart Math Institute has also developed an app called Inner Balance. It can help us get our hearts, minds, and emotions together. Over 4.26k people have rated the app a 4.8 in the Apple Store. It’s rated 4+ years which means it’s easy and safe. To use it fully, you wear a sensor on your ear which requires a purchase. I have one and use it.

You can also download Heart Math’s free Heart Quotes app for inspiration on demand. There you will find quotes from around the world and throughout time like this inspiring quote from Aristotle:

“The heart is the perfection of the whole organism. Therefore, the principles of the power of perception and the soul’s ability to nourish itself must lie in the heart.”

The Heart

Even Aristotle understood the importance of the heart. This book explores the intelligence of the heart to the fullest. You’ll learn what it is, the science behind it, and what will happen as more and more of us awaken to this powerful resource that lives within us all.

Heart Intelligence should be required reading for everyone. It makes a wonderful gift for persons interested in living a heart loving state of mind. You can purchase Heart Intelligence from Heart Math Institute store and other booksellers.

For more information

Find more at HeartMath.com. For additional inspiration, listen to the co-authors of Heart Intelligence as they talk about living in a Heart Connected world on YouTube.

Howard Martin: 2-minute video

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D: 3.5-minute video

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