Hello Spring!

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Well, spring has finally arrived. Everywhere I look I see crocuses and daffodils showing their full spring beauty. I planted pansies in one of my planters and then, when I thought the night would be too cold for them, I brought them in. I did not need too. They are very hardy and the ones I planted at my son’s house did not freeze.purple and gold pansies

I also planted pea seeds. I checked this morning; they are not yet up. Only one more month of waiting for me to plant all my seedlings. Waiting quite impatiently – I might add.

I’ve been listening to a very vocal cardinal that frequents the trees in our condo’s courtyard. With limited traffic, I’ve even watched hawks chasing pigeons – all in the downtown.

The birds in my birdbath have been bathing anytime this winter that the water has not been frozen – they must be following Vim Hof’s advice!

The wonderful sunny days and the sun’s warmth has really enlivened me. Bring on the beauty of spring!

Join me on Thursday, April 22nd as people celebrate Earth Day around the world.Butterfly Monarch

My feeling is that every day should be Earth Day. We need to celebrate and respect the Earth more than we do now. The lockdown has shown me that nature recovers from our excesses very quickly.

I really hope we can sustain the progress these forced lockdowns have made.  Nature is valuable and needs sustaining.

Bee honey

Take care of yourself.



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