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I am excited to introduce to you my first book –

Joey and His Friend Water.

I wrote this book for children and hope that many of them will be able to read it themselves and others will have parents, grandparents, and caregivers read to them.
You can find it on Amazon and Kindle. I’m also speaking with local book sellers to include my book on their shelves. It’s been an amazing process. I will keep you posted.


Joey and His Friend Water is a playful book that introduces children and their parents to the idea that everything around us from people, to plants, to trees, to rocks, is energy vibrating at different speeds. And, in this way, everything in the universe is connected. The importance of the water cycle, mycelium, and trees in healing the earth is talked about alongside Masaru Emoto’s work on water and the idea that the way in which water reacts to words and emotions has implications for our bodies and our environment.


My purpose of this book is to help children grow into earth-friendly adults. This age group is so impressionable.
I realized that young children experience a connection to energy and the unseen but forget this knowledge as they grow older.
I want to remind children and adults how important it is for themselves and the world around them to remember the connections we have with each other and nature.
This knowledge comes to Joey and the reader through Water itself. It’s a firsthand tale of teacher (Water) and student (Joey) about interconnectedness in our universe.

The Journey

Joey’s interactions with water in the forest lead to a deeper understanding of the world around him and emphasize the importance of these concepts – everything is energy, and everything is connected.
The end of the book has Joey realizing he wants to make a difference in this world. Joey and his family come up with some solutions that can help bring change to global warming.

This is the journey I hope you and your children will enjoy.
Take care,


 Additional Thought

My book uses the readers’ imagination and a little whimsy to emphasize the interconnectedness of us all. This book speaks about the many topics I have shared with you over the years in my newsletter and on my blog.

This one excerpt explains my experience in writing this book:

Joey was quiet, but finally he said, “This is going to sound really weird…”

Alice encouraged him by saying, “I love weird.”

Joey went on, feeling a little better. “One day when I was in the woods by the stream, I heard a voice…,” and the whole story tumbled out.

Joey and His Friend Water tumbled out of me and into the pages of this fun children’s book available now on Amazon. Also, I appreciate all the “Alices” who encouraged me to keep writing it.




P.S. The wonderful illustrations for my book were produced by Raymund James Dakay. He did a great job.



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