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  • Cover to Ile D'Or

    Ile D’Or: a Book Review

    Ile D’Or by Mary Lou Dickenson | Inanna Poetry and Fiction Series (November 1, 2012) I met Mary Lou Dickinson by chance when I arranged to see her newly renovated kitchen and bathroom because I was considering using the same contractor. We discovered we were both authors and decided to exchange books. Mary Lou gave me Ile D’Or, and I gave her Joey and His Friend Water. I thoroughly enjoyed Ile D’Or. It made me think of returning to my… Read more »

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  • Kitchen Chaos as John works to put it togther again.

    The 3-phases of Transition continue.

    Welcome to December! This year is closing out with a bang! You can only guess what I’ve been up to from my November newsletter these past weeks. The three phases of transitioning – beginning, neutral, and ending — continue to influence me to relax more, knowing it’s all a process. This month, I planned to introduce many of you to Brian Swimme. The way he thinks — I find fascinating. In his autobiography Cosmogenesis, he remembers things from his past… Read more »

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  • Cover art from Joey and his friend Water Children's Book by Ellen Lewinberg

    My Children’s Book is Available

    Hello! I am excited to introduce to you my first book – Joey and His Friend Water. I wrote this book for children and hope that many of them will be able to read it themselves and others will have parents, grandparents, and caregivers read to them. You can find it on Amazon and Kindle. I’m also speaking with local book sellers to include my book on their shelves. It’s been an amazing process. I will keep you posted. Synopsis… Read more »

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