Quality of Life – Your Life

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Quality of Life – Your Life

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I have one client that I’ve been treating these past 18 months. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive uterine cancer that was at stage 4-b. For 12 of those 18 months, she had no evidence of the disease. Recently a small spot was detected.

She just wrote me a note attributing her quality of life to the healing treatments counteracting the side effects of the treatments. To see her, you would not expect her to be on a cancer journey.

Her medical team continues to be amazed at the normalcy of her blood work and her overall health in general. They tell her that they have not seen anyone like her before who has gone through the surgeries and chemotherapy that she has had. In November her radiation team expressed their shock at their first meeting as they expected to see a very sick person.

Sometimes, that’s what you need – balancing your energy to combat the side effects of your medical treatments or living situation.

Take care and stay healthy,

~~ Ellen Lewinberg

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