Book Review: Children’s Past Lives

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Children’s Past Lives

How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child

by Carol Bowman

Element Books Ltd (1997)

When Carol Bowman released her book in 1997, it proved to be quite controversial. It was the first of its kind to explore reincarnation with children.

Her life-long belief in reincarnation helped prepare her for the journey into a fascinating world that inspired her to write Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child. The book is both memoir and instructional manual for parents. It is a fascinating read.

Book Cover: Past Lives of Children

Bowman approached the subject because in 1988 at the age of five, her son Chase became hysterical whenever he heard booming noises. His reactions were intense and beyond being in any “normal zone.” His mother became concerned and requested help from a past life therapist who happened to be visiting.

Bowman’s life changed.

Under therapy Chase began to recall personal experiences and events from over 100 years earlier during the U.S. Civil War.

His memories showed concern about not knowing who he was fighting. Plus, he knew he did not belong there. Eventually he described how he died in too much detail to be ignored.

At first Bowman felt confused. It had never crossed her mind that young children could recall past life memories. Bowman herself experienced at least two past life memories in therapy just a year before her son’s revelation.

Eventually Chase drew maps of the battels and other period items he remembered using. Bowman called on a Civil War historian to confirm their accuracy – which he did.

Her son’s revelation changed Bowman’s life forever. She began collecting past life memories from other children – including her daughter. Bowman researched and read everything she could about reincarnation.

Accepting and Healing from Past Lives

She also continued her sessions into her past lives. From these memoires Bowman was able to heal her from a chronic lung disorder. It was no surprise through past life therapy sessions, that Chase began to heal. He no longer felt fear when he heard loud booms plus his eczema, which he had had since birth, also cleared up.

This healing motivated Bowman to learn and do even more. She wrote this book for parents because no other resources existed.

Recommended reading

Interest in her book continues 23 years later. In December of 2019, Bowman produced the book in audio form available at Amazon.

I have been interested in past lives for a long time and have read many books about reincarnation. I still found this book very interesting, informative, and a good read.

You can find more information online at CarolBoman.com.

View Bowman’s lecture from 2017 on her YouTube channel: Carol Bowman Reincarnation. Search the title Children’s Memories, Evidence for Reincarnation, Fascinating.

Take care and stay safe.


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