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Going on six months now, I have been practicing the ancient Chinese wellness practice of qigong (chee-gong). My friend and energy practitioner colleague, Judith Schutz, has taught me the seven-basic moves of Dragon and Tiger. She’s also encouraged me to continue.  Judith no longer has to encourage me – I get it.

Before leaving on our holiday in July, I helped our son by working out in his yard. It had been at least two years since I worked in a yard. I weeded, dug holes, and planted throughout my day. I enjoyed the work. It felt good.

In the end – I was tired and thought I was going to be sore that next day.

Imagine my surprise when I awoke with absolutely no pain from all that physical labor.

I attribute to qigong.


You’re probably already familiar with “qi” which refers to the life energy in all living beings.

“Qigong translates from Chinese to mean, roughly, to cultivate or enhance the inherent functional (energetic) essence of the human being.”

Source: A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi

One of the reasons I was so surprised by my new endurance level is that qigong requires gentle movements. It’s easy and repetitive. You can do it standing, sitting, or even laying down. I spend about 20 minutes, three days a week – sometimes more – practicing qigong.

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

Theosophical Society’s YouTube channel has an excellent demonstration of Qigong with Don Myers’ Introduction to Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong. The video is over an hour long and well worth it because Don tells of the history and teaches you the first of seven movements. He then shows all of the movements together.

From what I have read, Dragon and Tiger serves as a popular, meditative healing practice for everyone including cancer patients. It helps with balance, depression, and endurance among other wellness results.

If you seek a way to keep physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, check out qigong.

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