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  • Come to our next Bioenergy Clinic

    Bioenergy Clinics A healing place for everyone. Join me for healing treatments at one of our bioenergy clinics held each month in Toronto, Canada. Our clinics offer you an affordable way to spend four days advancing your health naturally in body, mind, and spirit. You will receive one-on-one treatments from our Bioenergy practitioners. Using ‘hands on’ as well as ‘hands off’ techniques, our healing practitioners become conduits directing energy to your body and stimulating your immune system. The energy that… Read more »

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  • group learning

    Become a Bioenergy Healer

    Learn to be a Bioenergy Healer Join me for this 3-day workshop as I help you gain back your natural state as a healer. At this workshop you will learn how to use a person’s bioelectric energy systems to help them naturally heal their body, mind, and spirit. Bioenergy healing uses the body’s own healing mechanisms. As a trained practitioner, you can use this energy to promote healing of physical, psychological, and spiritual issues. By the end of this three-day… Read more »

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