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Last June, we talked about believing in your good health in the article Believe: Mind Control is Real.

In it I warned that if you suffer from a disease, never own it. Never say “my cancer” or “my diabetes.” Always believe you feel healthy.

I shared with you what I say to myself daily:

“I am completely healthy, every cell in my body is completely healthy and functioning perfectly.”

This mantra can also work for you. Be consistent and believe it.

Stay balanced

If you find your body out of balance, give me a call at 1 (416) 203-2744. Being in pain or suffering from dis-ease means your body is out of balance. Relieve your suffering. Through bioenergy therapy, you can bring your body, mind, and soul back into balance. We help your whole being. Balanced energy means health.

Wild yellow crocuses on side of our path in Greece can help bring you back to health.

Along one of our hikes in Greece, I found these wild crocuses growing next to our path. Beautiful. Hiking in nature also helps your energies stay in balance.


In addition to the energy treatment, we will discuss your general health, nutrition, exercise, and stress levels. Together we will come up with things you can do to help yourself in between and after your treatments.

Bioenergy Therapy Works

Bioenergy therapy worked for me when I suffered with cancer in 2002. It can work for you.

Read what my clients have experienced with their healing on my Testimonials page.

Each session of personalized care leads to a happier and healthier you.

Take the first step. Give me a call at 1 (416) 203-2744.


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