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How Compassionate are you?

The Greater Good Science Center conducts research and shares their findings publicly. You can find all sorts of good things about human nature and happiness through their magazine articles and website postings. This includes articles encouraging a more compassionate lifestyle — caring and nurturing of others to help them get through their misfortune.

The Science Center collects much of their research through quizzes that you and I take. The Science Center keeps your answers anonymous and only combines them together with other people’s answers – never sharing. Here is one I shared in my February newsletter about compassion that I think is worthy Hand holding Heart graphicof sharing on my website.

If you wish, take this quiz to see how compassionately you share your love. You can take it without logging in or signing up. I did even though I am a member.

Afterwards you can practice the Center’s FREE Compassion Meditation to help you nurture your compassion towards a loved one — and yourself. Try it out.

Now for the quiz…


The Greater Good Science Center serves as a major source for our #GoodNewsAwakening content.

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