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Happy New Year!

These three words — Happy New Year — are full of new possibilities as we venture into the unknown world of 2021. My hope is that we all embrace it with an open heart.

The world is in a state of amazing upheaval. None of us has ever experienced anything like this before on such a grand scale. Times like this can be the impetus for change – let’s make this happen!

2021 could be the year that heralds a new way of living on Earth.

It’s time we learn to live in a way that regenerates the Earth. We must respect all of Earth’s inhabitants – people, animals, trees, pollinators, insects, flowers, plants, etc. Let’s build a world in which peace, harmony, happiness, and joy for all surrounds us.

We can make this happen through our intentions, by practicing kindness and gratitude.  Today we have the opportunity to live in a way that celebrates nature.  The same nature that so freely gives us life, love and nurtures our souls.

A very happy, peaceful, and healthful 2021 to all.

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~~ Ellen


P. S. For more inspiration to make 2021 a great year for you and others, check out my blog posts Gratitude in a world of uncertainty and Survival of the kindest.

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