10 Ideas to Help You Cope and Heal from Cancer

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I’ve been diagnosed with cancer…Now what?!?

10 Ideas to Help You Cope and Heal from Cancer


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An Introduction to my new eBook

If you read my bio, you know that I spent 30 years working as a psychoanalyst. During that time, I became interested in shamanism and other forms of healing.

A health crisis in 2002 gave me the impetus to study alternative approaches to dis-eases more intensively. Between 2003 and 2012, I focused my training on Bioenergy Healing techniques and I now help my clients with healing bioenergy sessions to help them cope and heal from cancer.

Once I understood how to use the energy around me to heal, I slowly introduced these same energy-healing techniques to my psychotherapy clients. The results were spectacular, and I closed my psychoanalytic practice to focus on energy healing full time. That was in 2010.

I believe that the more we heal ourselves naturally and help others heal, the healthier our world will be. Join me in my mission to free ourselves of the 21st century preventable dis-eases through natural intervention.

You’re off to a good start by reading this eBook.

If you wish to try natural healing through bioenergy, contact me at 416-203-2744 or ellen@healingtransformation.ca. You can also find out more on our website at www.HealingTransformation.ca.

With a cancer diagnosis if you decided not to go the conventional route, we use the bioenergy sessions to boost your immune systems to help shrink any tumors. If you go the conventional route, we use the healing energy sessions to counter any side effects of chemo and radiation therapy in addition to boosting your immune systems.

Take care,

~~ Ellen

P.S. When someone calls me for energy work and says that they have been diagnosed with cancer – or any other disease for that matter — I give them some healing advice to help negotiate their illness. In this eBook, I’ve included 10 practices to remember that you can incorporate into your life when diagnosed with cancer. This is “now what.” Feel free to print off the next page and post it to encourage you to be proactive in healing your body.

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10 Ideas to Help You Cope and Heal

              1. Don’t own it.
              2. Stay positive.
              3. Surround yourself with positive people.
              4. Change your diet.
              5. Continue with your life.
              6. Hire or take classes from a good naturopath.
              7. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.
              8. Place yourself on an intentional prayer list.
              9. Read helpful books.
              10. Seek natural alternatives to help you heal.


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Download the eBook Here: Cancer_Healing Transformation eBook 2022 Spring Final

1. Don’t own it.

You do not want cancer — so, don’t “own” it. In other words, never say “My Cancer.” You need to always refer to it as “the cancer.” This is so very important and at first, it might be difficult to remember. It was for me.

2. Stay positive.

No matter what the doctors say, stay positive. If you do not feel positive, you can do something that will get you back into a positive state of mind. I have some ideas and will share those later.

Remember that we are made up of energy — as is everything in the universe. Once you realize that, it will be easier for you to use natural energy. If you believe you can use the energy in your body to channel healing, you can.

So, remember to stay positive. Your ability to remain “NED” (no evidence of disease) depends on it.

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

For best results, be with people who don’t feel sorry for you. You want to avoid people who say negative things about your health. Focusing on the dis-ease can be depressing. Set boundaries with people so that you decide when and how you will talk about the cancer.

One of my clients got tired of keeping people informed of her progress. She told me it was as if she fed the cancer with each telling of the story. She decided to send out group emails that told her story. Periodically she would update them on her progress. In this way when she saw family and friends they could discuss normal life events – even the weather. Anything but the cancer. It helped her stay positive and upbeat.

Find a support group. Preferably one which is upbeat and does not concentrate on cancer. If the group focuses on sharing pain and suffering, it might not be useful. You need to be in an uplifting group.

4. Change your diet.

Cut out all sugars and all processed foods. And I mean all. Cancer loves sugar because sugar helps it grow. This means no more candy, desserts, and even chocolate. Think of sugar as poison to your body – and you don’t want poison.

Carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta become sugar in our bodies, so it is good to cut those out too.

There are many different diets to help rid your body of cancer. Some involve juicing, some you eat only raw food, and others go vegan. Choose a diet that you can follow and stick to it. When I had cancer, I chose the Keto diet and did juicing every morning. That worked for me.

I don’t like to think that “I beat cancer.” I like to think that I healed my body, mind, and emotions so that the cancer disappeared.

We all have mutant cells in our bodies that can become cancerous if our immune system doesn’t get rid of them. That’s why, with bioenergy healing treatments, we concentrate on strengthening the immune system as part of our mind, body, and spirit energy balance.  Bioenergy healing treats all three –body, mind, and spirit.

Many cancers begin to grow years before they can be detected. This means it is important to eliminate the current stresses in your life. Often it is the current stress that pushes the issue to the forefront.

Here are some resources for a healthy and natural diet:

5. Continue with your life.

What is it that you like to do? Whatever it is, do it.

Cancer develops for a reason. You might think about what kind of stresses you’ve been under these past few years. Now is the time to change that part of your life and get rid of the stress.

Plan on checking off some of your “bucket list” items – not because of your diagnosis – but because you are alive. No better time than now to celebrate living.

So, besides whatever makes you happy, you also need to add some lifestyle activities that promote good health. Be active. Go for walks. Laugh. Spend time in nature. Spend time with trusted family and friends. Do things that you love to do.

6. Get a good naturopath.

A good Naturopathic Doctor can assess your condition. They can also recommend foods and supplements that are specific to the different types of cancer.

If you choose to go the conventional route, a naturopath can help boost your immune system through diet and supplements. You can withstand the rigours of radiation and chemotherapy treatments better with a healthy immune system.

There are many alternate methods of treatment that science has shown help reduce tumors and your naturopath can advise you on. Some of these include high doses of Vitamin C taken intravenously, mistletoe, Rick Simpson oil, turkey tail mushrooms, and high doses of vitamin D.

7. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Being positive is so important to survival, I put it on here twice.

Go into nature.  Sit in the sun. Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Find your happy place and enjoy some meditative time.

Your lymphatic system which helps to detoxify your body, has no pump. It works on gravity. The muscles in your legs pump the toxins up your body so that they can be eliminated. That’s why walking is recommended for people of all ages.

The best places to walk exist in nature – most notably surrounded by trees or on the beach at the waterline. Walk in bare feet, when possible, especially on dewy grasses early in the morning. Bare feet allow the beneficial earth energies to enter your body. (Remember, everything is energy including the earth.)

Meditate to keep a positive frame of mind. If you are a beginner, meditate as little as a few minutes a day. It will help you in so many ways. You can find many wonderful meditations on YouTube for free. You can also meditate while listening to healing music. Choose what works for you.

If you are new to meditation, check out the 3-Minute Meditation book.

8. Place yourself on an intentional prayer list.

There are many studies confirming the benefits of prayer with recovery.

Most of my clients ask their family and friends to pray for them. Some clients report being placed on multiple church prayer lists and prayer circles.

You can call Unity’s Prayer line anytime at 816-969-2000 or fill out at a form online at unity.org/prayer. Volunteers will pray for you during the next 30-days.

9. Read helpful books.

Read first


And a book for the care takers:

Grace and Grit: A Love Story by Ken Wilber (2020)

10. Seek natural alternatives to help you heal.

As we discussed, there are many ways to approach cancer. Find what works for you and your body. Speak with your medical provider.

I offer bioenergy healing for people who want a natural alternative to the conventional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. It can work with other treatment methods prescribed by your medical and naturopathic doctors.

Bioenergy helps in different ways.

      • With the alternative approach, bioenergy helps rid the body of the cells causing the problem. It works in conjunction with other lifestyle and medical changes.
      • With the conventional approach, bioenergy treatments help combat the side effects so that clients can continue their lives and remain positive as well as shortening recovery time.

Bioenergy works for me and my clients, and it can work for you.

Download the eBook here

Cancer_Healing Transformation eBook 2022 Spring Final

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Medical Disclaimer

Bioenergy Therapy is a natural healing alternative that’s been around for centuries. We have found it to be a complementary therapy for promoting health and healing in our clients. It is not for everyone; and it is not a replacement for conventional medical and psychological treatments.

Our Bioenergy Therapy practitioners do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorders. We do not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals, nor do we perform spinal manipulation. As Healing Transformation’s Bioenergy Therapists, we act as conduits to direct energy to the parts of a body that need to be healed.

I’ve included external links for more information that may be able to help in your healing journey. These external links provide additional information or original content for educational purposes only.  Please refer to our disclaimer on our website at https://healingtransformation.ca/medical-disclaimer/ for more information.

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