The Physics of God: A Book Review

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The Physics of God: How the Deepest Theories of Science Explain Religion and How the Deepest Truths of Religion Explain Science

by Joseph Selbie | New Page Books (October 1, 2021) 2nd Edition


I found The Physics of God by Joseph Selbie completely fascinating. The book addresses how the science of religion and the modern (quantum physics) science of reality are fully congruent with one another.

Book Cover: The Physics of God

His writing style is easy to read and understand. The examples he gives I found to be both interesting and intriguing.

Selbie  explains how near-death experiences, miracles, and other phenomena, described by saints and sages throughout the ages, are fully harmonious with scientific discoveries of today. This includes the fields of relativity, medicine, quantum physics, neuroscience, and quantum biology.

I believe most of us are familiar the placebo effect — a mind over matter phenomena. A lesser known and more dramatic example he gives of mind over matter is of people who have multiple personality disorder. He writes…

“…studies have shown that one personality can be allergic to specific allergens, such as bee-sting toxin, and other personalities within the same individual are not allergic. One personality can be left-handed while other personalities are right-handed. One personality can have moles or scars that another does not. One personality can need glasses while others do not.”

These physical changes are as instantaneous as the change in personality.


Selbie describes meditation as the objective instrument in the “science of religion.”

Early in his life he had a transcendental experience with psychedelic drugs. This experience had him wanting to have such an experience without drugs. He discovered he could through meditation which he has continued for over 50 years.

Through his years of study, Selbie discovered that the laws governing the physical world and the laws that govern the spiritual world are inextricably interconnected. This book, The Physics of God, explains how and why.

Find more information about Joseph Selbie on his website: Intersections of Science and Spirituality.

I really enjoyed this book.

~~ Ellen

P.S. With this book, I took notes.

My note page from a passage of The Physics of God

My note page from a passage in the book, The Physics of God.


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