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Bioenergy methods


  • Documentary video clip Biotherapy Experience
    Biotherapy from the perspective of biotherapists and patients who have undergone energetic treatments for various diseases. Bio therapists Ivan Roca and Veljko Jurki explain the basics of energy healing modality from the scientific point of view and from their experience.The nonprofit organization “Nosce te ipsum” of Zagreb, Croatia, produced the film to draw attention to the advantages of modern bioenergy healing as a clinical method. Ivan Roca and Veljko Jurki are biotherapists practising biotherapy healing in their own biotherapy center in Zagreb, Croatia. This clip has English subtitles.
  • MS results using the Domancic Method to help patients with MS and more
    Ellen Lewinberg talks about the results she saw at a Bioenergy Life Project in Sarasota, FL. These group healing events using the Domancic Method have helped people with MS, Parkinsons and many other health conditions.

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