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  • Brain Bliss

    Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy by Dawson Church – March 22, 2022 I am currently reading Bliss Brain by science writer Dawson Church. He includes research that he and others have conducted on brain plasticity and meditation. Dawson describes in detail how meditation affects different parts of the brain. His book includes directions on rapidly reaching Bliss Brain using his developed method, EcoMeditation. What interested me about the meditations and why they… Read more »

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  • Graphic: Tree of multi colors representing healing

    Healer Workshop Update

    Teaching others how to use bioenergy to heal themselves and others has become my passion over the past decade, and it continues to grow. My workshop format works for my students. Becoming a Bioenergy Healer: What students say. The workshop I taught in June went very well. The students seemed to grasp the lessons and practices easily and gave us positive reviews. “Welcoming, clear, well-structured. I liked that we had so many opportunities to practice. The small group size was… Read more »

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    Sites to get Good News

    Good News Awakening Recently, a friend sent me to another place where I can find Good News. It is called Fix the News. I appreciate this site. I don’t listen to the regular news because it is too negative. (Remember the news motto is “if it bleeds, it leads!”) As a Reminder, here are the other Good News sites I have shared before, along with Fix the News. The Good News Network | https://goodnewsnetwork.org/why-good-news/ Greater Good Science Center | https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/… Read more »

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    Healer Workshop – Spring

    Are you tired of sitting by? Watching loved ones suffer from pain, illnesses, or medical treatments is stressful — especially when you believe there’s nothing you can do. It’s time to change your belief as there is something you can do. Become a Bioenergy Healer Learn how to use a person’s bioelectric energy systems to help them heal their body, mind, and spirit naturally. Bioenergy therapy is a natural healing alternative. It has worked for people just like you and… Read more »

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  • Kitchen Chaos as John works to put it togther again.

    The 3-phases of Transition continue.

    Welcome to December! This year is closing out with a bang! You can only guess what I’ve been up to from my November newsletter these past weeks. The three phases of transitioning – beginning, neutral, and ending — continue to influence me to relax more, knowing it’s all a process. This month, I planned to introduce many of you to Brian Swimme. The way he thinks — I find fascinating. In his autobiography Cosmogenesis, he remembers things from his past… Read more »

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  • Transitions and the 3-phases

    Welcome to November! This month I thought the topic “transitions” would be interesting to discuss. We all go through changes in  our lives. They can be stressful, life changing, and scary. They can cause anxieties, sleeplessness, and more.  They can also be fun and exhilarating. It seems to me that, somehow in life, the only thing that is constant is change. William Bridges (1933–2013), an authority on change and transition, describes transition as… “…the inner psychological process that people go… Read more »

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  • To Your Health!

    Last June, we talked about believing in your good health in the article Believe: Mind Control is Real. In it I warned that if you suffer from a disease, never own it. Never say “my cancer” or “my diabetes.” Always believe you feel healthy. I shared with you what I say to myself daily: “I am completely healthy, every cell in my body is completely healthy and functioning perfectly.” This mantra can also work for you. Be consistent and believe… Read more »

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  • FREEPIK - woman applying a charcoal mask to her face.

    10 holistic ways to Better Health.

    10 Ways to Better Health: Take the Holistic Approach. I’m a strong believer in the holistic approach to healing – mind, body, and spirit. In bioenergy healing, we work on your whole being. In treatment, we focus on aligning your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. However, to stay healthy, many things are important. Eating a well-balanced diet, having a positive attitude, and exercising are three important ones. Facebook Nurse This blog post started with a Facebook post by Nurse… Read more »

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  • Raymon's Bullet Pendulum; photo from Website

    Dowsing Workshop

    Last June I took a very special road trip. My husband, John, and I drove to Abingdon, Virginia so that I could take a dowsing workshop with Raymon Grace. I have known about Raymon Grace for years. I’ve read a couple of his books and I’m on his mailing list. I like him and what he does. He’s the one who introduced me to Willie Nelson’s new song, Energy Follows Thought. When I saw there was a dowsing workshop that… Read more »

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  • Believe: Mind Control is Real

    I am quite convinced at this point, that our minds control our lives. In some of my past newsletters, I have featured Shamini Jain, Bruce Lipton, Raymon Grace, and even Willie Nelson, who wrote that “what we think about comes about.” “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” ―Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle Since Aristotle walked around Greece, people have understood the power of our minds. Yet, many of us still have a hard time accepting that… Read more »

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