Month: January 2023

Happy 2023

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As we enter 2023, I wish for you a year full of hope, love, and good health. And may your belief system be one with nature and the universe.


We are Nature.

We are Nature.

As I was saying goodbye to the old year and thinking about the new, I was reminded about our belief systems. What beliefs do I carry with me that I could strengthen to help improve my life and the lives of others? The obvious is my service as a healer, but I was searching for the not so obvious.

My thoughts brought me to the idea that we are as much a part of nature as the birds and the bees, along with the flowers and the trees. It is a belief that may help us realize that if we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.

Whatever we do to the environment, we do to ourselves.

Changing your Belief Systems

Can change your behaviors.

As many of you know, I follow Bruce Lipton. An excellent overview of Bruce Lipton’s teachings that I follow is Jimmy Naraine’s 2020 interview with him on How to Rewire your Brain. It’s 30-minutes and has enough depth for you to follow and understand how to rewire your brain.

How To

Bruce recommends you spend the last 5-minutes of your day reprogramming your brain before you fall asleep. Then he recommends you repeat this belief until it becomes a part of your subconscious where, according to Bruce, 95% of our behaviors are controlled. Bruce Lipton quoted the idea that Jesuits have – “Give me child until the age of 7 and I will show you the man”. The idea is that until the age of 7 years, much of a child’s time is spent in the Theta brainwave state. This is the state of the brain when the subconscious absorbs all beliefs which are then used the rest of one’s life.

In order to change our beliefs, we need to reprogram the subconscious which is done when we are close to sleep and enter the Theta brainwave state.

To change our behaviors and stop climate change, we all need to do our part by recognizing that we are nature at a subconscious level. By programming our subconscious to believe we are nature, it becomes instinctive in our conscious, “thinking’ world to support nature in all its wonderment.

We have the power within us to change the world.

I am Nature.

FreePik photo: winter snow in Canada

The more people that reprogram themselves to be part of nature rather than separate from it, the easier it will be to change our behavior. I am Nature – can be the mantra for 2023.

Make it our intention this year to entrench the belief that we are nature in human form. That way we save our world.

Thank you.