Month: November 2022

Seeing without Eyes

Seeing without Eyes

Last February, we introduced many of you to Carolyn Cory’s movie Superhuman: the invisible made visible. In my post, I mentioned that Cory’s movie resonated with me. So much so that I decided to take Carolyn Cory’s course Blindfold Classes for Adults which she developed from her Superhuman research.

Mindfold Blindfold front

There are eight classes in this course, and I have completed three. Already, I can detect light inside the mask, when I have made sure before I start that no light is seeping in. Also I can detect the colour of a sheet of paper colours when I wear the mask. The colour is faint, yet identifiable. This proves to me that our brains are way more capable than we can ever imagine. Any why? Because we are energy.

Mindfold Blindfold back

It is very exciting to think that we are all capable of seeing through a blindfold and by extension, we are able to bend spoons, move objects with our minds, change the Ph of water and by extension, heal ourselves.

I continue to be amazed.

Take care and be amazed daily,


An Abundance of Energy

An Abundance of Energy

I remember hearing once that

“Energy flows where intention goes.”

When you think of that statement, it’s mind blowing since everything is energy. I think sometimes it’s hard for some people to keep remembering that we are energy. Especially when healing our bodies.

So if you or a healer sends healing energy to the place on your body that is problematic, your body knows how to use that energy to heal itself.


Concentrate on what you want.

Because energy flows where intention goes, we need to be careful what we think about.

May your day be filled with good health and your nights spent healing your physical, mental, and spiritual being.

Take care,

~~ Ellen