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Energy Follows Thought

Willie Nelson Instagram Photo

Energy Follows Thought

The other day while listening to Raymon Grace, Raymon introduced me to a new Willie Nelson song – Energy Follows Thought. You can listen to it on your streaming music channel which I recommend. I decided to post the lyrics here as the words hold truth.

Willie Nelson Instagram Photo

Energy Follows Thought

Willie Nelson

Imagine what you want
Then get out of the way
Remember, energy follows thought
So be careful what you say

Be careful what you ask for
Make sure it’s really what you want
Because your mind is made for thinking
And energy follows thought

Your mind is in control
Even when you do not know
And if you let it idle
Ain’t no telling where it’ll go

Wherever you are sleeping
And your dreams take you away
Go on with your dreaming
And listen to what they say

And if you hear spirits talking
Their wisdoms can’t be bought
Comply it to your thinking
And energy follows thought

Your mind is in control
Even when you do not know
And if you’d let it idle
Ain’t no telling where it’ll go

Imagine what you are
And get out of the way
Remember, energy follows thought
So be careful what you say

Written by: Buddy Cannon, Willie Nelson

Album: A Beautiful Time

Released: 2022

Lyrics provided by Musixmatch


This is so important that I devoted February’s eNewsletter to our thoughts controlling our lives.

A Quote to Live by

Freepik: Hands cupping plant save the environment campaign.

Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear readers,

I chose this quote about patience to include in my eNewsletter because of my passion for our environment and the importance of trees. I am sure many of you have noticed my passion for nature. Now you know I also believe we must all take action and have patience knowing our combined efforts can heal the earth.

This latest article I read by The Washington Post Columnist Kathleen Parker really hit home. Scientists report that if we were to plant a trillion trees, we could stop climate change. How wonderful! This does, however, include stopping deforestation — which is a whole other sad case.

Read Parker’s article Want to stop climate change? Start by planting a trillion trees then join me in planting those trees. It will take time and patience, and we can do it. Our quality of life improves with natural solutions to our man-made problems.

Freepik: Hands cupping plant save the environment campaign.

This post was originally published in August of 2019. I felt it was worth repeating.

Take care of yourself,

Bioenergy Therapist
Healing Transformation

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Your Thoughts Control You

I am understanding more and more how our health, our wealth, our happiness — our everything depends on our thoughts. The adage “What you think about; comes about” is so true. I’ve known and tried to practice this for years; however, today I have a greater understanding of why it is so important.

Lately I have been studying Bruce Lipton, Shamini Jain, and Jean Houston among others. Although they come from varied backgrounds, had their own unique experiences, and enjoy different lifestyles – they all decree that:

Our thoughts control us.

To have the life we want to live; we need to concentrate on the positive.

We need to realize that all of our thoughts are powerful. Negative thoughts are just as powerful as positive ones. That is why it is so important to be positive.

Jean Houston

This brings me to my most recent find – Jean Houston, Ph.D. Although I had heard her name – most notably her book “Jump Time”, I had not checked her out until recently. Jean is considered a visionary thinker. I encourage you to listen to her presentations on YouTube to “restock your mind.” I watched the following presentation. It’s close to two hours and well worth the investment in your time.

Navigating UncertaintyDeveloping a Resilient New Mind for a World in Transition – June 22, 2019


According to Wikipedia, Jean is 85 years old, born in 1937. She has the energy more of a 50-year-old. To her, age is just a number. She attributes some of her good health and wellbeing to various practices she uses to keep her focused on the positive aspects of living.

Practices for a Positive Life

In the above video, Jean addresses many topics from the Heroines Journey to energy healing. She also tells stories about how she has remained positive throughout her life and included many practices she has. I want to share with you two practices she does which she feels helps her stay young. These can easily be adopted by all of us.

Jean recommends that we regularly shake our bodies starting with our limbs. For Jean, she has assigned happy moments in her life to her various body parts. As she shakes, these memories take over her consciousness. Sometimes she just shakes her hand to pull up one happy moment in her life.

The other practice she recommends incorporating into your life is to remember your best year. She encourages us to remember and feel how we felt at that time to help us stay young and healthy.

I have found it hard to think of a whole year but can think of many wonderful experiences and that is what I have started with.

What is your favorite year/experience?

Stay positive,