Month: October 2021

Natural solutions for unnatural problems

This past month I have continued exploring my interest in mushrooms and plant communications.

Findhorn Foundation

Many years ago, I learned about a place called Findhorn in the north of Scotland. The area is now called the Findhorn Foundation and serves as an environmentally conscious, international spiritual community with a holistic education centre.

The Foundation’s beginnings started when Eileen and Peter Caddy, their three children, and Dorothy Maclean found themselves in the north of Scotland, in Findhorn, wondering what to do next after losing their employment. They had been working together in a hotel and were connected through their spirituality. Eileen had received and continued to receive personal guidance from a small voice deep within her that had been guiding their journey together. And Dorothy began to connect with the Devas or the spirits of plants.

Findhorn Come Closer gate

The Findhorn Garden

To help feed his family, Peter started a small, organic garden. With Peter following their spiritual guidance, the group created an abundant garden in the inhospitable north of Scotland. When they arrived, the area was nothing but sand, gorse bushes, and grass. Through their work, things changed.

They grew huge vegetables, with cabbages that weighed 40 lbs. Soon they became famous: people came to see these amazing vegetables that they had grown while cocreating with nature. The Devas said they wanted to show what was possible when you work with the plants and nature.

Findhorn continues to garden in co-creation with the devas, creating wonderful food and flowers, and teaching how to connect with all beings for the good of the earth and humanity. Dorothy has written a book on the group’s experiences at Findhorn. It is called “To Hear the Angels Sing”. I have been reading it recently and find that I really want to better connect with plant beings and their devas.

A side story is that a number of years ago when my husband and I visited Scotland, we drove right by Findhorn. I knew about the place but was too shy to visit. I guess it was not the right time for me.

Mushrooms around us

My second preoccupation this month has been with mycologist-scientist Paul Stamets. I wrote about this before in my book review Entangled Life, but I wanted to remind you about the power of mushrooms which are the “flowers” of mycelium.

I recommend you listen to a podcast where Joe Rogan interviews Paul Stamets. You can find it on YouTube: Joe Rogan Experience #1035 – Paul Stamets which Joe streamed live on November 7, 2017.


Paul explains more about the mycelium which live underground and cover thirty percent of the earth. He also discusses the research going on around the world into the incredible healing properties of mushrooms — for humanity, the earth, and even for the bees. Mycelium can clean up petroleum spills, can eat plastic, and much more.

The podcast is over 2-hours long. About 45-minutes in, Paul discusses the healing properties of the lion’s mane mushroom. I encourage you to listen to that discussion. (Remember, before you start any new regime, consult with your medical professional.)

Paul has a 20-minute Ted Talk from 2008 where he discusses 6 ways mushrooms can save the world that you might want to watch and learn from also.

Fantastic Fungi

I encourage you to watch Fantastic Fungi on streaming video. The photography is wonderful, and the movie supplies more information about mushrooms.

Paul Stamets talks about all sorts of mushrooms including Lion’s Mane (which he takes every day to prevent dementia) and Turkey tail (which he credits, along with other alternative treatments, for saving his mother’s life). His mother was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable breast cancer, and, in her eighties, she was too old for chemo and radiation. At the time of the movie, she was 94.

Hopeful for natural solutions

I really do think that both Findhorn and the discoveries that are being made with mushrooms and mycelium bring hope to ways we can address climate change and the damage we humans have done to earth.

In her book, Dorothy Maclean assures us that we could grow vegetables in the desert naturally with the Devas help.

Along with other scientists, Paul Stamets believes that Old growth forests of Pacific Northwest could be key to climate action.

If we would listen to nature’s spirits to guide us, our world would be a better place. Let’s listen closer to what nature says.

Take care,