Month: December 2023

The 3-phases of Transition continue.

Kitchen Chaos as John works to put it togther again.

Welcome to December!

This year is closing out with a bang! You can only guess what I’ve been up to from my November newsletter these past weeks. The three phases of transitioning – beginning, neutral, and ending — continue to influence me to relax more, knowing it’s all a process.

This month, I planned to introduce many of you to Brian Swimme. The way he thinks — I find fascinating. In his autobiography Cosmogenesis, he remembers things from his past and relates them to the universe—more on him in a later issue.

December Gifts

Gift of Health

This December I recommend you give yourself the gift of healing. Let me use the surrounding life-force energy to help you heal naturally. Bioenergy is a non-invasive therapy that addresses all aspects of us – body, mind, and spirit. Energy healing has been gentle, simple, and effective for over a thousand years.

If you know someone who suffers from cancer, I recommend a mantra that is similar to the one that helped me through 2002. This is a more direct version that I give my clients in 2023. I mentioned it in my November blog, To Your Health! Now I am asking you to share this healing mantra with others as a gift. Write it on a Post-it notes for their mirror.

“I am completely healthy. Every cell in my body is completely healthy and functioning perfectly.”

Gift of Connectedness

As I wrote about transitioning into a children’s book author, I’m still in the neutral zone. Along the way, I met Penn Kemp. Penn, a well-known Canadian poet, novelist, playwriter, and sound poet. She is helping me promote my book. She has me doing things I thought I would never do! It’s uncomfortable, yet I am taking her advice because I want as many people as possible to better understand our connectedness in this wonderful world, we live in.

Between unpacking, I am reading her book, River Revery and enjoying her poems.

So, for this gift-giving season, I ask that you purchase my book, Joey and His Friend Water, to give to any child, parent, guardian, and grandparent you know. You can find it at the following booksellers of your choice:

Abe Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books & Music, Walmart, and Waterstones



Ellen at local fair promoting her book, Joey and his Friend Water, with a family.

This is me promoting my book to a young family with the mother reading the book while I entertained the children. Joey and His Friend Water.


Joey and his Friend Water intends to help children grow into earth-loving adults. Please share the word and buy my book.

Transitioning into our new Home

As many of you have experienced moving into a new home firsthand, I thought I would share some photos I took. I admit, they are a bit staged. However, John and I worked well together in this move. Having been together for decades, we found our rhythm of what we do best in a move.

When it was complete chaos, I forgot to take any pictures. I’m sure you can relate. (Haha!) I did find a few more which I shared in my blog post.

We were extremely happy once we moved all our plants to the new home. That was a chore. Here are just a few our pictures.


Large plants in pots

Establishing our kitchen

Kitchen chaos

Kitchen Chaos as John works to put it togther again.

Meanwhile, may you all enjoy the holidays surrounded by family and friends. It’s a lovely time of year.

Take care and Happy Holidays,


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