Month: February 2022

Love Yourself

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During this month of love, there’s one person you need to remember – yourself. Take time for yourself.

Do things that make you happy.
Surround yourself with people you love.
Get out among the trees.

Love to you today and every day,


Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

I’ve experienced “extra-sensory powers” which I believe most people have also. The call that comes from a friend you have not heard from in years – right after you talked about them. Or, the phone rings and you know who it is before you pick up the call. I’ve also had a few dreams that gave me a premonition about an event in the future. These experiences always intrigue me, and I try to be aware when they occur.

So, when I discovered Superhuman on Gaia I decided to watch it. I was so impressed with it, I asked my grandchildren and my husband watch it.

The Superhuman Film is laid out logically, so it is easy to follow along. It’s almost methodical in its presentation showing real-time phenomena and scientific research results side by side.

Early in the movie, producer and writer Carolyn Cory reminds us of Albert Einstein’s famous quote about energy:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Mind over Matter

The movie takes you on a journey through various experiences of consciousness controlling our physical world. The remote viewing segment connected two minds where one person described another person as that person walked around and felt objects in an unknown location about a mile away. Amazing. Remote viewing has been used since the cold war by the U.S.A. army to discover what the Russians were doing.

Other examples show how our intuitive minds control our bodies. One test subject anticipated the next photo for emotional or calm qualities before the photo showed up. Their reactions were measured by their pupil sizes since pupils reflect our emotional processing.

The demonstrations of psychokinesis, where objects move due to a person’s intention, also intrigued me. The one thing I remember from this segment is how people described the experience. They said it was more of a feeling of connectedness versus a command to move. Interesting.


Thoughts made Visible

I imagine all of us have experienced a better day, week, month, or year by “staying in the right state of mind.” Life is better when we have a positive attitude, address others from a position of kindness, and demonstrate unconditional love to those around us.

Our thoughts and what we say influence our day-to-day existence.  They become visible through our actions and reactions. Control your thoughts, control your life.

Open our Minds

We have more capabilities than we think as this film shows. We just need to be open and accept some experiences that we cannot explain in the physical world. The part I like best, is where they show a school in England where they are teaching children to see with a blindfold. These children can read, ride bicycles play, all while blindfolded. They show other places in the world where this is taking place and where they are teaching blind people to ‘see’

My takeaway tells me to continue my curiosity, believe in my intuition, and be opened to connecting with people and objects through our conscious and subconscious minds.

If you don’t have Gaia TV you can go to where you pay $5.00 to watch it.

Take care and be open.

~~ Ellen

What a concept! Hire an Angel.

Hiring the Heavens Book Cover

Here’s a book that opens up possibilities for everyone.

Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation by Jean Slater. Published March 10, 2005, by New World Library.

Thousands of angels are waiting to be hired – and you don’t need a crisis to hire them!

For example, if you’re starting a business — hire an angel publicist, researcher, accountant, and whoever else you need. Going on a trip to a foreign country? Make sure you hire an angel tour guide and a money exchanger to go along with you.

According to Jean Slater, you can refer to your helpers as you wish. She talks about “celestial helpers, guides, angels, invisible assistance, the Universe, Spirit” as some of the possibilities you could use.

Little book and fun to read

Hiring the Heavens Book Cover

In Hiring the Heavens, Jean Slater has created a practical guide for readers to develop working relationships with the spirits of creation.

The book is very simple to read. It’s less than 130 pages. In it you’ll read about how she learned how to hire the heavens to help her in every side of life. Her life dramatically changed for the better once she hired her helpers.

Jean explains that…

“I began to truly understand that I was not alone. That spiritual helpers stood ready and willing to be “hired” in the co-creative expression of my divinity. Unified with Spirit, I realized I was master of my universe and designer of my world. This was a message of freedom and power.”

Large or small — job or project, there are heavenly helpers willing to help you, too. Basically, you are one step away from connecting with angels and guides. I highly recommend you read Jean Slater’s Hiring the Heavens.

There’s more

In the back of the book, she has a work sheet to help you be very clear in your request. You’ve probably heard the old adage “be careful what you ask for.” It’s the same when you want to hire the heavens. She offers an angel express card to hire them also.

This book opens new possibilities for everyone, including me.

Check out Jean Slater’s work
  • To read the first three chapters of Hiring the Heavens

  • To order Hiring the Heavens

  • To visit Jean Slater’s Creative Mystic website and signup for news and information



Take care,

~~ Ellen

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