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Believe: Mind Control is Real

I am quite convinced at this point, that our minds control our lives. In some of my past newsletters, I have featured Shamini Jain, Bruce Lipton, Raymon Grace, and even Willie Nelson, who wrote that “what we think about comes about.”

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

―Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle

Since Aristotle walked around Greece, people have understood the power of our minds. Yet, many of us still have a hard time accepting that our minds control our bodies and spirits.

Statue of Aristotle in Olympiad Village Khalkidhiki, Greece. | Freepik

Our Minds Control Us

I was listening to an interview with Zach Bush recently at:

Dr. Zach Bush: What Is the HIDDEN SECRET Of Eternal Health

I really like what he has to say. However, in this interview, he told the story about some research being done in Africa on the gut biome. The tribe that was being studied had the healthiest gut biome known. For some reason, Zach Bush did not say why, the researchers gave the tribe a lot of anti-biotic pills, and told them that if they got sick, they could take the pills.

The researchers had been told to have as little interaction with the tribe as possible, and so did not know what to do when the tribe sat around the fire that evening and shared out all the brightly coloured pills — and ate them. The researchers felt very sad and guilty that they had destroyed these people’s guts.

The researchers continued doing their work, taking stool samples and waiting for the fall-out. Nothing happened. There was no change.

Zach Bush’s understanding was that the tribe had such good gut health that they were able to overcome the antibiotics. That may be so.

However, I have a different explanation. I think that the pills had been given to the tribe as a gesture of friendship. The tribe trusted the research group and had no expectation that there would be a problem if they consumed the pills. In the tribe members’ minds, they were sure that these pills were good for them and so they did not have any adverse effects after eating them.

It worked the same way that placebos work. If a patient is told that a sugar water pill will help their depression, it does. It is all in our minds.


There were a couple of other very interesting points that Zach Bush made in his podcast. He talked about some studies that had been reported in 2018 in a journal called Cell, on probiotics. Two studies showed that taking probiotics after taking antibiotics was quite detrimental. They found that when people that took them, their guts took 6 months to recover, while those that did not take them only took a month.

He also said in that discussion that he felt that supplements will be phased out in the next 30 years and that we would be getting the nutrients we need from good food and diets.

One other gem mentioned by him, was that 7-hugs a day protects one from influenza. I love that. The exchange of energy in a warm embrace, protects one from disease.

Physical and Energy

Our bodies are both physical mass and energy. Our current medical understanding excludes our minds (energy) completely and yet there is much research that shows that our minds play a huge part in keeping us healthy. Norm Cousins’ Anatomy of an Illness from the Patient’s Point of View and Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly Turner are two books that come to mind immediately. Once the medical profession stepped out and said there was nothing they could do, the people described in these books were able to heal themselves.

Everything is Energy

The emphasis on our bodies being “physical” brings doubt that our bodies are energy. However, everything is energy – even our bodies – and the physical body is inseparable from the energy body. They are always together.

Our bodies are filled with bacteria and viruses. We have little idea how the balance is maintained that keeps us healthy. In the past few years, as doctors have realized that bacteria have become immune to antibiotics, many of them are giving fewer antibiotics to their patients, and the patients regain the balance in their bodies with rest and eating well.

We do know that our minds play a very important part in our continued health.

It’s all about belief.

If you believe you will get sick, you will. Many of us have friends who tell us that they always get a cold in May…and sure enough, they get a cold each May.

I feel very strongly that diagnoses are detrimental to our health, in many cases. They label us and it is very hard to get rid of the label. I find that if I see people before a diagnosis, e.g., if someone comes to see me having been told that they have a mass in their abdomen, I can help them get rid of it much more easily than when the doctor has told them it is cancer.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or any other dis-ease, it is important that you don’t “own it”. By this I mean, don’t call it “mine”, call it “the” which makes it easier to let it go.

Believe you are healthy.

You also need to think positively and believe that you are healthy – every day.

We need to be very careful with our thinking. It is very easy to be negative instead of positive. I say to myself every day, “I am completely healthy, every cell in my body is completely healthy and functioning perfectly,” no matter how I feel. I find that even long-standing issues slowly change.

In our society, we have been taught to notice every ache and pain, and immediately think that something is wrong and call the doctor.

If, instead we trust our bodies to heal and think about what our bodies are trying to tell us – for example, that our stress level is too high or we need more rest – we would be able to heal ourselves through meditation and rest, very efficiently.

According to Zach Bush, if we realized that every single cell has the capacity to connect to the source of life and healing, we could manifest perfect health instantly.

Manifesting the Unimaginable

You can check out more of Zach Bush at Manifesting the Unimaginable.

Take care,

~~ Ellen


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