Month: July 2020

Survival of the Kindest

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We are living in a time of great uncertainty. It’s also a time of immense opportunity for us to begin to live a more meaningful life.

In my lifetime

I think back to my parents and what the world was like back then. Just before the second world war began, they escaped from Nazi Germany and individually moved to South Africa. We are Jewish. Most of our relatives died during Hitler and his Nazi reign. It was a time of great uncertainty for them — and the world. My immediate family were among the lucky ones who survived because of other people’s kindness.

I left South Africa during the 60’s and traveled to Paris. While there I experienced the student riots. And then on to England where there were sit-ins and love-ins and great unrest. It was the Nixon era in the USA. This unrest of the 1960s resulted in more rights for women and people of colour; and the establishment of Earth Day.

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We did not go far enough.

What — now? Yes now.

I feel we are going through a similar period of breakdown and breakthrough — now. Politicians are trying to rule through fear in the U.S.A. and that spills over to us, here in Canada.

We need to counter this fear tactic through beauty, love, and kindness. Let’s make our voices heard.

You know of my concern for the world’s ecology and how humanity interacts with it. I think that being grateful for the beauty around us, for what we have, will help move us forward.

I feel we learn much through nature.

Because of Charles Darwin, many people think that the way things work is through “survival of the fittest.” In some respects, this may be true. In reality however, there are many aspects of nature that work together for the greater whole.

Many paths of nature complement each other. For example, Nature never takes more than it needs. Flowering plants invite pollinators to share their bounty (sap) for food. In return, pollen gets transferred ensuring the next generation of plants survive.

I feel that the real story of nature is survival of the kindest. Nature is all about building relationships, partnering, net-working, giving back, creating eco-systems, and regenerating from adversity.

Everything in nature flourishes without greed. Even us.

An example of kindness is the more recent research on trees in old growth forests. We now know that trees nurture their younger offspring. Older trees help young ones in times of drought so the young can grow stronger to survive. You can read about the nurturing nature of trees in The Hidden life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. I mentioned his book before in my blog post The tree factor for a good life along with other tree inspiring books on living in harmony and kindness.

Living in Harmony

My big message this month is that we need to live in harmony with nature. And we also need to live in harmony with ourselves. A walk in the forest is healing and brings us into harmony. Practicing the Japanese art of Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) is good for your health — and your soul. When you live in harmony with nature, you tend to increase your kindness factor with all things including animals and people.

We flourish when communities work together.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen humans living in harmony with others. Young people shopping for their older neighbors. Groups providing meals for front-line workers. Restaurants offering food to shelters. Families donating their surplus to food banks. Neighbors sharing plants so that gardens can flourish everywhere.

ying and yang

Just like in Nature, our lives are interdependent.

We want and need emotional connections and experiences to be healthy, happy, and whole. So, let’s survive by being kind and helping everyone and everything – from people to plants.

To me world care is self-care.

Take care and be safe to yourself and those around you.



Report: Healing Initiative 2020

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The Consciousness and Healing Initiative 2020 Report

I recently received a report from The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) — a nonprofit collaborative of scientists, practitioners, educators, innovators, and artists. CHI researches and shares the knowledge and practice of consciousness and healing so that individuals and societies can learn to heal themselves.

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Bioenergy Healing as mainstream health care

In April of 2020, they released the latest report: The Consciousness and Healing Initiative, Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice, & Future Directions, April 2020. You can download the report for free.

This report is part of a systems change to include bioenergy and other self-healing techniques into mainstream medical care. Their approach came from Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University. Their process involves “solving problems through creative collaboration, and less on the establishment and perpetuation of new institutions.” (Solving the World’s Biggest Problems: Better Philanthropy Through Systems Change by Jeffrey C. Walker published Apr. 5, 2017)

For me, the repot pulled together the research and real-world experiences in energy as viable alternative medicine for physical and mental healing. The report recognized the placebo effect along with prayer and other energy healing techniques.

The collaborators talked about “subtle energy” referring to “life energy” that parallels and reflects physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Biofield is the scientific term used to describe the dynamics involved in directing health, healing, and wellbeing of living organisms.


As you might guess, I found the report fascinating. The fact that it supports what I believe and have witnessed for over a decade, is why I am sharing here with you today. It found:

“…based on prior systematic reviews and our analysis of stakeholder interviews, it appears that subtle energy and biofield healing could hold significant promise for reducing healthcare costs and potentially reduce the prevalence and ongoing maintenance of costly and intractable heath conditions, particularly depression, anxiety, pain, and trauma.”

The word “intractable” caught my attention. Its synonyms are stubborn, difficult, and problematic. If you suffer from an “intractable health condition,” you know firsthand how disruptive it can be to your life. Maintenance costs prohibit some people from seeking help. Others become dependent on pain relievers like opioids causing havoc to their body – and mind. This, in addition to the pain.

Helping people heal themselves through bioenergy healing is safe and effective. Bioenergy helps people heal themselves by aligning their life energies.

Databases for inquisitive minds

In addition to reporting their findings, the CHI collaborators compiled public databases. Anyone can use these. They’re intended for researchers, medical practitioners, and government officials. The goal is:

“to advance scientific understanding and increase acceptance of evidence-based subtle energy and biofield healing modalities as healthcare options.”

Find out more

Check out the report for more information. They wrote most of it in plain language for the general public to understand.

Take care of yourself. Call me and let’s align your “life energies” to boost your health and relieve your pain. You are important. Invest in yourself.


Download the full report and other condensed documents for more information.

Biofield Healing Report Cover