Month: December 2022

Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Last month I had the pleasure of attending another lecture by Diana Beresford–Kruger. Beresford-Kruger is a world-renowned medical biochemist and botanist in addition to being an author. You may recognize the name as I reviewed her book, To Speak for the Trees, in September of 2019. I feel the same appreciation of her work in 2022 as I did back in 2019. Check out my blog for her background.

This time the take-away message was directed closer to home. It appears the beautiful Pawpaw Trees are becoming extinct in Ontario. She encouraged everyone in the room to plant two Pawpaws or any other type of tree that is struggling to survive with global warming and to spread the word to others living in Ontario.

Check out The Arboretum pages on Pawpaws at the University of Guelph website for more information. You can also find information at Ontario’s Pawpaw page.

Let’s go plant a tree – after the ground thaws. Take care, Ellen Lewinberg

Quality of Life – Your Life

Quality of Life – Your Life

Flaticon Graphic: balance scale

I have one client that I’ve been treating these past 18 months. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive uterine cancer that was at stage 4-b. For 12 of those 18 months, she had no evidence of the disease. Recently a small spot was detected.

She just wrote me a note attributing her quality of life to the healing treatments counteracting the side effects of the treatments. To see her, you would not expect her to be on a cancer journey.

Her medical team continues to be amazed at the normalcy of her blood work and her overall health in general. They tell her that they have not seen anyone like her before who has gone through the surgeries and chemotherapy that she has had. In November her radiation team expressed their shock at their first meeting as they expected to see a very sick person.

Sometimes, that’s what you need – balancing your energy to combat the side effects of your medical treatments or living situation.

Take care and stay healthy,

~~ Ellen Lewinberg

Believe & Know

Believe & Know

Sometimes you need to shift your focus to change your belief system. Often, we go along without thinking about our beliefs and what they bring to our day.

To quote the American Industrialist Henry Ford,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If your belief system includes believing in miracles, you will witness many miracles in your life as you will focus on them. If you think your day will turn out awful, it will as you will focus only on the negative aspects of your day.

Flaticon Graphic: change

Shift your focus.

What beliefs will you leave behind this year? What beliefs will you create to make your new year joyful?

Now is the time to change your focus because your mind controls your life.

Take care and enjoy the holidays!