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Book Review: Healing Ourselves

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In July of 2020, I encouraged you to check out the Consciousness and Healing Initiative 2020 Report compiled by the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) — a nonprofit collaborative of scientists, practitioners, educators, innovators, and artists. You can find the link to the report and my recap at Report: Healing Initiative 2020.

The CHI collaborators support a resource library that anyone can use with a link on their website including these articles from a special issue they published. They offer courses, articles, and training to encourage the integration of the whole person into modern medicine. Their goal is

“…to advance scientific understanding and increase acceptance of evidence-based subtle energy and biofield healing modalities as healthcare options.”

This Month…

Book Cover: Healing OurselvesI want to introduce you to the CEO and founder of CHI, Dr. Shamini Jain, and her new book, Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health. Published by Sounds True on September 14, 2021.

Shamini Jain, PhD

In addition to founding the collaborative CHI, Dr. Shamini Jain “…is an Ivy League-trained clinical psychologist, an award-winning research scientist in psychoneuroimmunology and integrative medicine, and adjunct faculty at UC San Diego.”

Dr. Jain is well respected in our industry of natural healers.

Healing Ourselves

I found Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health to be a wonderful book that provides scientific evidence for consciousness-based healing. For me, it confirmed that we are much more powerful than we think we are.

The peer-reviewed research in Dr. Jain’s book demonstrates the devoted relationship between consciousness and health.

Her discussion on the placebo effect confirms further the power of consciousness in healing ourselves. Scientific studies praise the placebo effect. In fact, multiple research studies report that 75% of the effects of antidepressants relieving depression come from the user’s belief that the drug works – in other words “the placebo effect.” (Page 69

She also describes extensively what over 100 published research studies say about the healing power of holistic practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, and energy healing.

Energy Healing

Dr. Jain conducted a research study herself to determine if biofield energy healing was “just a placebo.” She wanted to know. Her study group were women who had survived breast cancer; yet suffered from fatigue.

In the short term, there was some truth to the placebo effect. They looked at the physiology of fatigue and measured the cortisol levels over time and saw improvement in the actual participants who believed they received treatment along with those who received treatment. What they found astounding was the “normalization of cortisone rhythms over time – but only for the women in the energy healing group!” (Page 127)

About the same time, a professor at the University of Iowa conducted a similar study. (Page 129) This time it was with ovarian and cervical cancer patients going through chemotherapy and/or radiation. This study group was divided into healing touch therapy, relaxation therapy, and traditional medical treatments.

They found that only the group that received healing touch therapy maintained their natural “killer cell” function in their immune systems during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. With the other two groups, their natural killer cells declined reducing their ability to fight off the cancer cells.

Much of the cancer healing treatments for my clients focus on building their immune system for this very reason — to fight off the cancer cells. We also work on countering the effects of chemotherapy and radiation drugs on their bodies. We work on everything from depression to neuropathy.

What does the scientific evidence say?

Does non-touch healing modalities work? Check out the dynamic infographic that shows the results from many of the studies compiled for Dr. Jain’s book.

Info Graphic from Healing Ourselves

Play with the Data!

Health and Interconnection

This July 15, 2022, TEDx Berkley presentation by Dr. Shamini Jain is an excellent introduction to her research work.

She opens talking about our connected experiences — the isolation we felt during the pandemic and now, our mutual struggle to grasp the “atrocities of war.” She uses these as real-world examples of how we do not need to be in the same room to “feel each other.”

“It’s simply a human connecting with another biological system, channeling the currents of compassion to generate a healing response.”

I recommend this book

The book is an excellent read if you are a health practitioner needing a reason to expand your practice into a holistic approach to healing. It explains why balancing the whole person is important. In addition to medical personnel — caregivers, teachers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and people from all walks of life have added bioenergy healing therapy to their list of services offered.

If you’re interested in natural healing for any reason — you want to better understand alternative medicine for yourself or for a loved one — this book would be good for you to read about the effectiveness of alternative medicine.

One of the reasons I am so excited about Dr. Jain’s work is because it scientifically supports bioenergy healing.

So, if you want better health, freedom from chronic pain, or a more natural way of healing, consider bioenergy therapy. Give me a call to find out more at 416-203-2744.

Meanwhile, enjoy your learning quests through books. I do.




The Natural Order of Life

The Natural Order of Life

Photo: view of lake at sunset

In the animal world, we see it all the time – other animals adopt or care for another species. On Facebook and other social media sites you will find dogs befriending cats, cats befriending birds, and even a frog befriending a snail.

These “odd couples” care about each other in spite of their differences. I’ve seen pictures of a heard of water buffalo accepting an orphaned elephant as one of their own.

Indigenous peoples also have heart. Their belief is that we are not separate from the other species that we find on the earth. They revere all animals, birds, fish, flora and fauna. Their understanding is that we are not separate from the earth, we are of it and our role is to care for it.

Everything has consciousness.

The New Economy

Let us get back to the heart of our species to care for one another, for our world, and, at this point, our galaxy. As UK Economist, Tim Jackson states so eloquently in his 2010 Ted Talk:

“…what we need the economy to do, in fact, is to put investment back into the heart of the model, to re-conceive investment. … Investment has to be, in the new economy, protecting and nurturing the ecological assets on which our future depends. … We have to invest, in fact, in the idea of a meaningful prosperity, providing capabilities for people to flourish.”

We are part of the natural order of life. What we do as human beings, affects every living creature.

Unfortunately, we are the part of nature that is destroying us. We need to start acting like the rest of nature.

We need to care beyond the narrow confines of our families and friends.

Words of Inspiration

Don’t elect politicians who act like they own the world because they don’t. No one owns the world.

We are put on this earth to live a life of kindness for all beings – we are to help each other.

That’s what nature teaches us. That’s how we survive. Let’s follow nature’s lead and open ourselves up to caring.

Happy healing!

~~ Ellen

The Healing Journey: How long does it take?


The Healing Journey:

How long does it take?

I get asked this question a lot – how long does it take?

The real answer is that it depends.

Everyone who comes for bioenergy healing feels better after a four-session treatment. However, depending on how long a person has been suffering, he/she may have to return for more treatments until the issue is completely resolved.

Sciatica, if it has just recently begun, is often resolved after only four sessions. If it has been an issue for a long time, it takes longer to resolve. With an issue like cancer, it is best if there is ongoing treatment, once or twice a week until remission.

Heal yourself

Remember with bioenergy healing, your body is using the energy provided to heal itself.

What I do as a healer, is offer your body energy to help your body regain balance. This energy surrounds us — we call it air.

Although we, and the world we live in, look solid, we and everything else is made up of energy. When the energy in your body is misaligned or unbalanced, it causes pain and discomfort.

Bioenergy healing affects many levels — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We can all heal ourselves naturally. According to renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton PhD, if we change the way we think, we can change our bodies.

The energy I provide to your body and often a change in attitude result in healing everything from depression to cancer. (Read more in Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.)

No matter what, though, it still takes patience to heal. Let healing come naturally to you and understand that illness means you are out of balance.

Imbalances in the body can be due to emotional issues, trauma, accidents, or repetitive motions. If these are not addressed, the body brings them to our attention by becoming ill or manifesting pain.

Examples of how I work

A few years back, I had a young person with scoliosis with whom I spent a year straightening out her back. We would meet once a week for treatment. Her back gradually straightened back into place with just a minor curvature.

After only four days of treatment, one client found total relief from sciatica pain. Sometimes that’s all it takes – 4 sessions.

Balancing Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual for your healing

Bioenergy affects all aspects of a person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Often clients expressed their gratitude for the energy treatment and for our advice and counsel on what to do to keep healthy.

From treating and talking with one client, I discovered there was something wrong with her thyroid. She followed up with her medical doctor and was given medication. We now work together so that her body regains its balance. We have been working together for about eight months on and off — and she is lowering the amount of medication she takes gradually.

We work side-by-side with traditional medical practices.


Sometimes people come to me who doubt that bioenergy healing can work for them.

Many men are brought in by their wives and are quite reluctant to have me work on them. They are always quite surprised when we get their energy in balance and relieve their issues.

In the 14 years that I have been healing others, I have only had one person that did not benefit in some way. This was a teenager who had been sent by his mother. He was angry and surly and was sure his mother was wasting her money. I told him after two sessions, to tell his mother that he did not want to come back. This he did and he did not return.


One client of mine was told that he had a year to live. I treated him individually for a while and he then attended the clinic four days a month. He is still here after 6 years.

Another client had a growth on their kidney. I treated her eight times in one month. She went in for scan and the growth was gone. It has not come back.

Sometimes people come to me for maintenance.

One client has prostate cancer and is in a maintenance program. He always schedules bioenergy treatments right before his scans. This has been going on for a number of years.

Often with cancer, I treat the side effects of the drugs used to kill the cancerous cells. This can range from fatigue and diarrhea to neuropathy and brain fog.

One client I have treated weekly since she was diagnosed with stage 4B uterine cancer over a year ago. Due to commitments, we had skipped two weeks of treatment. At our next session after her third chemotherapy treatment, she reported that her “brain scrambled.” She told me it was more than just “chemo fog.” She was depressed and felt she was losing it. After one treatment, her confidence returned, and her brain was back in balance. After speaking to her medical doctor, the doctor reduced her chemo by 25%. We rarely skip now, and she has been in remission for a year.

Each case is as unique as my clients are.


Your healing journey is not linear

At Healing Transformation, we partner with you on your road to wellness.

If you need pain relief, we’re here for you.

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If you need us, we’re here for you.

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